He just sat And stared at the wall Still and breathing People watched and wondered What all would be going on in his head Where did he wander now? He was here moments ago And now he's lost Some of them asked him He blinked his eyes Took a deep breath And looked at him… Continue reading Nothing


the dhaniya powder-ed life…

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As it has been known since inception of human civilization that humans do exist. Or atleast we are bound with this duty to exist. A whole lot of things come in the way (including Gandalf screaming “you shall not pass”) while we try to make it through the average time span of 79 years, only if we don’t get lynched for eating paneer(you know what i mean *winks and offers orange juice*). Now for me, i have barely started the journey. Like i am still in the birthday party of my uncle, Brijlal Baggins, but i have started feeling the weight of the ring. Some give it the cool term of midlife crisis….but i haven’t even hit midlife. However the crisis part seems more real.

So with all this, today i saw a thing which i have seen beforehand a lot of time. The dhaniya powder. Also known as coriander…

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the fall of the hairy empire…

Mast hai


My name is Mikku Sharma. For the past six months, I was stranded in a city called Hyderabad. Now i have returned home with only one goal. To chill and sleep for the entire summer holidays.(as if i was doing sth else in Hyderabad). But for that i have to be something else, i have to be someone else. I have to be clean shaven. Yes. The one thing that Indian parents or at least my parents always want me to do is shave my face three times a day with an Elf’s sword using unicorn’s blood as shaving cream. Now, for me, getting the sword and the blood isn’t the hardest part. Its the shaving part. I mean why?? So let me tell you how it happens every single semester with me. I decide not to shave or get a haircut for an entire semester and return home looking…

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Reblogged: My girlfriend is from…

I had a girlfriend in Africa but Angelina Jolie adopted her.
– mikkusharma1

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This shortly tells what if my GF was from any of the 29 states of India or a union territory (just an honorable mention). The following has some political, cultural references and stereotypes (and lame puns), too. It is written with purpose to invoke laugh, giggle, chuckle, smile or a surrender smile.

  1. my GF is from Madhya Pradesh. She hates when people leak gas in public and then act like it wasn’t them.
  2. my GF is from Kerala. Her favorite color is red.
  3. my GF is from Tamil Nadu. She hates Chennai Express.
  4. my GF is from Delhi. She calls me bhaiyya.
  5. my GF is from Uttar Pradesh. She showers love on me like a Kanpuriya.
  6. my GF is from Haryana. She owns more tractors than Mahindra itself.
  7. my Gf is from Kashmir. She is not all bad.
  8. my GF is from Telangana. She is happy after the break up.

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The night I walked on.

It has been black. Like that night I walked on. The electrical transformer went bruurup! and the village went dark. All of us came out in the open. Welcoming us there was the cold breeze. Hugging and hugging us again. It never got enough of it. The insects sang for us- All at different notes.… Continue reading The night I walked on.

The Storm

Early sunlight fell on their faces When the storm came And plucked the villagers, One by one. It took all the time it needed. The one who wasn't plucked Stood and cried for their mates. They were plucked too. They twirled in the sky happily, Next to the birds. Although, they couldn't Grasp the other's… Continue reading The Storm