I took my heart to the bazaar today

i took my heart to the bazaar today and the shopkeeper said it won't fetch much money. he put it on a weighing scale , scratched his chin and said that my heart is not strong enough. i looked at my feeble heart, i swear it beat just fine. i looked at the racks he… Continue reading I took my heart to the bazaar today

Glass bottle

I am A glass bottle. Once, I was full With milkshake But now, I am empty. One day, A straw went through my neck, Through my chest, into my guts And sucked- Everything came out. If I had had hands, I would have squeezed the straw -Choked it, And stopped the whole process. But I… Continue reading Glass bottle

A grave for the dead fish

The boat was at the shore 'Did you see?' My friend asked. I turned around and it was All amber rays, Tearing through the clouds. We ran with our slippers in our hands The sand was wet and the wind licked our hair. My friend reached first. 'Chacha,' he asked, 'How was the pull today?'… Continue reading A grave for the dead fish

Tomorrow I will walk

The day was supposed to be good. I was going to grow a bit more. But when I walked into the crowd, I pulled my jacket closer. Fear grabbed the back of the head And put it down. I looked around With the corner of my eyes. Fear whispered into my ears, 'The air is… Continue reading Tomorrow I will walk

Roots inside the well

The roots are growing again. I realized it this morning When I went to fill water. I tried pulling the bucket But it was stuck. I threw pebbles and pulled. For the first few times The bucket didn't budge. Only after several tries The rope got loose. And I had to pull fast Because their… Continue reading Roots inside the well

Change- day by day

  Would you read a poem? I looked up at the night sky And realized, the sky has changed. All the stars have switched And took each other's position. In fact, I realized that The sky did it every time. It shifted and changed And became new. I decided to keep looking, To be truthful… Continue reading Change- day by day